A New Look

So I've been fiddling around with the templates and stuff to get a more unique look, so ta da! what do you think? gimme some feedback on the tag board to the left----->
speaking of new looks, I dyed my hair! well, streaked it, with a supposedly fuschia color, so on black hair it looks purplish-red or a bright burgundy? I just had Julie put in big bold streaks around the crown of my head and tried to "frost" the ends of the rest of my hair, while I did some little streaks on her head. Both of our streaks came out to be of our own liking, mine is big and bold, her's is subtle but still there. It was Julie's first time dying her hair too, lol =P okie, welps nuthin else quite new, Carlos got 2 more new tires, he got 2 changed in SC cuz I only had money for 2, then when we got back to SF 'rents gave me money to change the other too, so now he's running smoothly on them, quite happily I think.
As for knitting news, I've been just making some wristbands lately from the Stitch 'n' Bitch book pattern, I have 3 so far: one hot pink with a lite pink star in the middle, one lite denim blue with a almost-white blue star, and another hot pink one with a grey star. Aside from the blue one, the other two don't fit me well, in fact the one wit the lite pink star can go all the way to my upper arm.... yeah, guess I have small arms? maybe I'll sell or trade them here, soon as I can get some good pics of them to post..... until then!

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