Spiderman 2 ROCKS!

Oh man! It was incredible! despite the crowded theater (who would expect so many ppl to be watching the 1st showing at 12:01am in the morning!? oh yeah, me!) and the lack of seats (even though we got there about an hour early..) all together, it was COMPLETELY worth it! more character development, great plot, beautiful graphics of swinging/flying fight scenes, and corny bits to be sarcastic about the comic book theme... plus more depth about the peter parker-maryjane watson relationship! so many things answered! so many things left to come! man! You gotta watch it for yourself! and it's definitely a different experience to watch it in the theater, any home tv screen would never do it justice... if your not a big crowds person, I suggest watching it a little later, maybe by the third week it mite calm down... but having the enthusiasts there tonite was even more exciting, they were all cheering when the movie was about to start... even though someone in the film room was messing wit the lights and dimmed it down then brightened them back up again like twice to throw everyone off... yeah, that was funny... so yeah, a totally must see, must experience kinda movie! WATCH SPIDERMAN 2!!! in theaters NOW!

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