Weeee! Wrist-warmers!

So I completed two projects since the last time I posted. Project 1: Tube scarf/neck cowl, which was so soft and cozy I tried to make an excuse to wear it everytime I go out. The pattern I kinda just made up as I went along. It was a little longer than I had wanted but still works great. Project 2: Fingerless gloves/wrist-warmers! I found a simple and fast pattern from Craftster.org (which is a really cool site/forum place by the way) and whipped them up after I finished my tube scarf/neck cowl (yes, I can't decide on a name for my creations, but hey, you try to! =P) Both of which are pictured below. Now I'm working on another pair of fingerless gloves which aren't so much wrist-warmers becuz it's in a kinda fishnet pattern. I'll post that up when I'm done. (of which I also found the pattern for from Craftster.org) These gloves are a bit more complicated than the ones I just made, I actually have to concentrate on these! lol! the other ones I finished while watching rented movies wit the sister. If anyone wants the pattern to any of these, I'd be glad to give u pointers. Enjoy and lemme kno wat u think!

Here's my fingerless gloves/wrist-warmers =P I just love pink and black!  Posted by Hello

here's the palm-side =P lol!  Posted by Hello

and here's the tube scarf/neck cowl I was talking about. I thought it would go great with a peacoat... and again there's my gloves/wrist-warmers =P Posted by Hello

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