The Choo Obsession

If you're not exactly a shoe person, then I'd advise you to stop right here. For everyone else who drools over Louboutin's and et al, like I do, please read on...

Yes, it's the mid-hours of a work day, but when I caught sight of this in my email, I just had to do a quick post about it because I'm so excited!
Jimmy Choo will be collaborating with H&M and the collection will be available Nov. 14th, that's this fall!
Any girl that doesn't make a 6+ figure salary would understand that it's hard to look good without breaking the bank. In light of this soaring demand of "Fashion for Less", famous designers have been joining with more affordable mass-producers to offer the general public great styles for less, such as Alexander McQueen or Paul & Joe for Target., and now Jimmy Choo for H&M!

What makes this Choo/H&M combo even more exciting is they are going incoporate clothing designs into their collection and will also include shoes, bags and accessories for men as well!

If you'd like to read more about it, see this press release from H&M.

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