So it's been ages and ages since my last post, and since then, many things have happened, all put in list form for simplicity purposes:
1.) School started Sept. 23rd, also Kat's b-day, also officially moved back Sept. 20th, after which my craft-making craziness was put on hold.
2.) Many more b-days followed, last of which celebrated was Yvonne's on Oct. 1 (she turned 19, I felt older...)
3.) On the weekends that I went home, I indugled in some t-shirt reconstruction and turned an old Mission High t-shirt to a "preppy" collared button-up. Pics of which will be posted when I get Jae to take a pic of himself wearing it and send it to me to post, which will be the only way for me to post pics until I fix my comp, which leads to numbah 4.....
4.) My 2-yr-old-but-up-to-now-been-dependable Dell laptop gave up on me last week, decided not to start back up after a system restore... and after almost 2 hrs of talking and working on it with a tech support from Dell, it still decided it just can't start windows normally... but we got safe mode to work..... soooo.... I gotta reformat.... borrowed a external hard drive to transfer any important data (more like pics and songs and etc.) and off to a clean start it'll go... hopefully all will turn out ok, all of my classes have a website to be checked often and physics homework is all done online.... oh, how wonderful life can be....
so until then, I hope wat few of you who come by will bare with me on the picture-less blogging... and everyone thank Jen and Fairouz for lettin me hang out at their place all the time and now using their internet too! LOL! k, til next time folks...

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