Official New Year's

I do believe the Chinese started the calendar first,... so technically it's the offical new year's eve today =P i've always set the two apart (american and chinese) as one for "couples" and the other for family...
hanging out wit family's been a nice break, from work, from everything... and as i test my sister's piano skills as new year's eve passes, i find i've missed my family more than i kno... so it's time for some "Erica says..."

Us three siblings went out to eat lunch with our dad, we decided on hawaiian bbq and we all got more than we could handle, as my brother picks at the last of his food, my dad tells him to finish it, so Erica shouts, "Eat you chicken! oh, i mean, eat your POULTRY!" I go, "oooh, your using big words now huh?" Erica says, "yeah! wait... Chicken is bigger than poultry..."

As Julie and I are rummaging around Forever 21, Julie picks out a shirt and asks me, "What do u think?" Erica replies for me, "It looks old." I tell her, "It's not old it's vintage." I then found a cute shirt to hold on to. Two minutes and another shirt critique later, I shout "Where'd my shirt go?!" waving my hands about. Erica pulls it off my shoulder and hands it to me. "Your getting old," she says. "I'm not old," I protest. "Fine, your vintage," she replies.

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