Back in Service

So I finally fixed my comp, all by myself, thank you very much! boi was it a pain to replace the hard drive! stupid laptop parts! anyways, that was like almost 2 weeks ago, lol! yeah I had 2 midterms in the past 2 days... aint life grand? so I was pretty much cramming for those most of last week and all weekend and yesterday (or monday)... but yeah, it's been a long month.... or a long beginning of the school year rather... long days, long nites... and I feel like I've been surrounded by a lot of grief.... not, "good grief!" kinda grief, but like pain and suffering kinda grief... crying your eyes out, doubt, regret, heartache, remorse and mourning kinda grief... and suddenly I find myself wishing I don't always wish for a better life... because if it meant that everyone else around me would be suffering... then I couldn't stand not suffering with them... never wish you were better off I guess, because it just means that someone else out there is suffering more than you are... *sigh* to suffer is to build character... to suffer is to live... to suffer is to feel, to know you really are alive... and so we live on... as we should... because what doesn't destroy us, makes us stronger...

ps. I'm still working on re-installing stuff for downloading and uploading pics and also I haven't knitted anything since I moved back to SC, so hopefully after the move this weekend, I'll be posting up some mini-projects...

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