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so I feel like i should update and post more since i'm on break... but since I dunno wat to post cuz i haven't finished any projects yet... I figured i'd post up random stories of the day, or funny bits of my day =P well, this one's actually a couple of days ago, but yeah, gotta start somewhere...

So I was trying to plug my laptop in upstairs to a phoneline for internet (we have dsl), but it kept going in and out, and it wouldn't stay stable so i kept fussin wit it. All this while Erica and her friend Emily are working on their astronomy homework and asking me questions. So she's shouting questions at me while I'm in the back room of the kitchen tryin to fiddle with the connection... I answer a couple and then get really occupied with the comp, then she shouts, "What keeps the Earth in orbit around the Sun?" and rite then the connection cuts out again and I shout, "Holy Jesus!" so Erica shouts, "that's the answer?" and I go, "wat, huh? sure." and she jots it down... 2 seconds later, "Wait, wat did u ask me?" .......yeah, i kno, I'm a great sister.... yes, I corrected her later, but could u imagine her turning that answer in? would've been great... oh well...

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