Picture Mania!

So I finally dled the program to post pics that just resizes them for me, cuz I dunno what happened to my adobe photoshop program =/ ... anyways, this is gonna be a pic overload, but i figured since i haven't posted pics in so long that ppl won't care... plus i kno some ppl wanna kno how the party went on fri. so here's some pics to fill you *coughs* losers*coughs* in on the fun u missed, lol! nah, i'm just kidding, thanks to all those who came out tho! I had a blast with you guys! *hugs* we gotta do it again sometime =P
oh yeah, so I just posted pics of the beginning of the nite and towards the end.... ya'll don't need to see the craziness that happened in between, hahahaha! too bad, so sad, u missed it!
alritey, enjoy!

oh yeah! almost forgot to mention that finals are over!!!! hell yeah! winter break! whooooo hooooo! (well, for me anyways, damn berk ppl, finish up already!)

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