After over a week of sickness, a costly vet visit and sleepless worrisome nights, Juilet passed away this morning, lying next to me as I tried to keep her warm... I had optimistically hoped that she would fight it and stay with me, and I think she tried as much as she could... but I guess she was just too sick... I feel like I worked so hard to keep her here, but in the end she just couldn't hold on... I'm sorry Juliet, I hope you are in peace...



Sept. 17, 2005: Juliet passed away of prolonged wet tail and possible kidney failure at 10:00 in the morning. Juliet, a white and light orange Syrian hamster, was 1 year and 3 months of age. She traveled a bit from San Francisco to Santa Cruz then back with her college student chauffeur, Sophia. Her most recent residence was in Mountain View, Ca. with her chauffeur and her enthusiastic co-inhabitant, David. Although she did not like car trips much, she did enjoyed exploring new surroundings. Her favorite past times included running in her large revolution wheel/home extension, perfecting her skills as an escape artist, racing her chauffeur down hallways, and nice long naps in between. She is remembered as a playful yet sleepy hamster, but very gentle and sweet by her co-occupants and all who knew her. She will be missed dearly and indefinitely. May her spirit be in peace.

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