Month of Love?

quite possibly... as most ppl swear off Valentine's Day, in bitterness, or the commercialization thereof, I still enjoy the holiday, maybe just out of novelty =P and I was pleasantly startled by my "valentine" who actually is one of those ppl mentioned above but more about commercializing than bitterness (so i've been told), which has proven to me that nice things do happen when you don't expect them, want them nor need them... but i have to say, besides work, this past week has been a sweet one... i'd give anything to keep things the way they are... although i kno they won't, life's gotta have ups and downs, i pray that the decisions we make this weekend will lead to a week even remotely close to this one...
I hope everyone had a nice Valentines's, or just a nice week in general, it's never too late to love someone, (maybe a bit late for a gift) but never too late for love =P and I haven't felt this loved in awhile...

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