A Country Club/Bar anyone?

OMG, I would have never thought country dancing would be so fun! So my friend Naomi is a big fan of everything country and really wanted to go to this country club/bar place in fremont called the Saddle Rack. I was a little hesitant at first I have to admit, but goodness it was crazy fun! Everyone dances with everyone, and if you haven't tried country line dancing, jeeebus, you have to try it! it is the most fun dance ever and it's real easy to learn, cuz once u go over the sequence a few times, u just repeat over and over til the song is done, and it's all just foot work really... anyways, we learned one line dance called Copperhead Row? it goes with a song by that name, and believe me, you'd be feeling so cool that you got the sequence down and dancing wit everyone all together in lines, whoooo! but don't think the place only place country music, they had a live band that would play and the lead singer lady is sooo cool! she sang songs from norah jones, bobby brown, pink! oh and she sang "Footloose" u ppl kno that movie? but yeah, real crazy cool experience, I definitely would recommend trying it. I hear there's another country bar in San Jose..... =P Naomi took some pics, I'll try to post them up soon as I can get some from her.... oh! and there was the mechanical bull! guess who rode it? no, not me.....

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