Roller Coaster ride.....

I can't even begin to explain the rush of a carni ride! So we were at Walmart in Milpitas just yesterday (Sun.) and there just happened to be a carnival going on right next to it, there was this pretty good sized ferris wheel there and it just happened that my roomie and Naomi hadn't been on a ferris wheel before, so after dinner, right before we were gonna head back to SC, we decided to go for it. When we got over there, we saw some other rides that looked pretty crazy, so after the ferris wheel, my roomie and I went on this ride called the Fire Ball (if anyone's been to the Boardwalk they have one there just like it), it's this thing with seats all in a circle and u sit in the seats with your feet dangling and it spins and sways back and forth like a pendulum all at the same time. OMG, it was the craziest rush ever! I just realized that I haven't been on an amusement park ride like that in a good 2-3 years.... what a way to let out all the stress and tensions I've had.... yes, I was screamin' my lungs out and it was great! LOL! but yeah, on another note, I got the Love Actually DVD!!! And the soundtrack! whoo-hooo! I think we're gonna have a Love Actually movie nite on Weds. yay!

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