finals are coming up fast, with just five days to go b4 the big ones, (o-chem and genetics, both on the 8th, how suckie is that?) but after that I still gotta stay to watch a presentation/awards event for my sustainable living class (that's on the 10th), so I'm pretty much staying here til they kick me out (that's the 11th). Which'll probably gimme time to pack up all my junk. yeah, I have a loooot of junk. Then on Sat. (the 12th) is Oakes' graduation ceremony, so I gotta come back here to see all my buddies graduate (and leave me here, j/k), then go back home again and I start work with Environment California on Mon. (the 14th).
All this was just a faint thought in my mind this morning, as I was riding in the shuttle heading for class, late, again.
As the shuttle approached two stops away from my destination, a news report on the radio began, about a young girl, around her early 20's, who had been murdered somewhere in a town called Santiago, it continued to talk about how the town was filled with drug wars and that she had mistakenly been caught in the middle of one.
I shuddered at the thought of what the girl might have gone through before she finally died as the newsreporter said something about a drug-orgy.
I called out for my stop, trying not to listen to the gruesome news. As the shuttle stopped, while I stepped out, the last of the report trailed on, "reports state that her corpse was cut to pieces....."
Great, I thought, What a way to start the day.
It always takes something like that to put your life into perspective. To realize that what can happen tomorrow is never predictable. To hope that what we're doing while we're here is well worth what time we have.

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