WHOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO! I am DONE! for the most part anyways... now to pack up everything and go back to the city.
So I look terrible, Yvonne took a quick snapshot of me while we walked up to the dining hall, and I was like, great, show people how I look after not sleeping much for four days straight, then going through two science finals in one day. I'm sure I looked "interesting"..... but I didn't care anymore, cuz I'm finished! jeeebuschristallahbuddah it was awful! If anyone's ever taken an 18 page final, with 10 questions, 4 parts each, making it really 40 q's total, all short answer about Organic Chemistry, in THREE hours.... then u'd kno how I feel. Then, 4 hours later having to take another final about Genetics.... not as long, about 10 pages, but again all short answer... only my fellow bio colleages kno just what we endure here..... and I will never forget the all day and late night cramming sessions, when people have been so sleep deprived that they start giggling, even though no one's said a word.... then everyone starts to giggle as they realize just how tired we are and just how much more we still need to study, then I go, "ok ok, focus, focus" and someone asks which practice final are we working on and Jen says, "the one that says final on it," and Jimmy says, "yeah, from the dude that got a 5," and we all burst out laughing again... I pointed out that the poor guy still had his name on it too.... no, I'm not telling... Evelyn got real annoyed when I tried to read the guy's name out loud (apparently she knows the person), then the laughter subsided as we tried to concentrate again, but then me and Sheila started giggling again when she said, "It's mostly blank...." and I said, "Even better..." because that's just what we were using it for, to fill in the blanks... the irony....

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