Hoobastank Concert

whoooo hoooooo! It was great! I got to meet the band and chatted with Doug for a little, it was short but sweet. The show was great, Dredge and Phantom Planet opened for them, and Joremel complained that they weren't that good, but he was raving about the drummer of Dredge who at a few points of the show was playing the keyboard along with his drums (he's always been a fanatic about ppl who can multi-task). but yeah, I thought they were cool, but when Hoobastank got on, practically everyone got into the "pit" for some fun jumping action! During which at least 2 ppl got on the stage, they were pretty cool about it tho... they do know howto pump up the crowd, get ppl bouncing up and down. There was a good amount of ppl there, and actually I heard it was sold out like an hour b4 the show started... We were actually waiting in line to get in at like 5pm, and they open the doors at 6:30, so we got pretty good seats (I wasn't ready for the "pit").  Either way, it was all worth it to see Doug with his shirt off all hot and sweaty, and then singing "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" rite before the last song... Crazy cool stuff, so happy I went! and an interesting part that I have to tell you is that there was this little girl, not much older than Erica, who was standing on top of this sturdy seperator thing, she was so small that it was the only way she could see, but she was bobbin up and down swinging her "rock on" hand sign in the air, just rocking to the music... now that girl's gonna grow up a rocker...

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