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So I just realized that I haven't posted any recent project accomplishments lately. welps, here's a couple of them. I made a heather blue beanie too, but I gave it to Joremel before I remembered to take a snapshot... maybe he'll send over a pic of it in it's new home. Anyways, yes, I kno, my latest projects have been cell fone cozies... but hey, they're useful! and I've been pretty good at customizing the pattern to the individual cell fone =P it'll help me customize patterns easier... so yeah, if u wanna cell fone cozy, or palm pilot/ipod/digi cam cozy, just lemme kno! I just need the dimensions and if ur electronic has an antenna or not... a pic of it would be cool, but if I could take a look at it, even better! =) as for my next project, I want to make this really cute bag from Rowan yarn designs,

but the yarn it requires (big wool) is pretty pricey... guess we'll see... oh yeah and I went to the yarn shop today at SC, The Golden Fleece. It's nice there, I always spend way too much time walking around playing with all the different yarns... I should've asked if they had Rowan yarns... oh well, I'm gonna go to another yarn shop in SF 2moro (or well, today now) and run amuck there... =P also hopefully I can pick up the tix for Marine World from Prime Image too... let's see how productive of a day this will be....

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