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ok ok, I know, it's BEEN awhile.... so let's recap shall we? so as u scroll down, u will see the pics of the past happenings, of which I will be explaining here, but if u just wanna see pics, then be my guest... so, most recent first, we got new Ham-hams! well actually Erica had only expected to get one, but my brother's friend Abby left another one with her, which was supposed to be just for the nite...but now we've got two ham-hams we dunnno wat to do with, they have cages and everything, seperated becuz one's a boy and one's a girl. If someone would realy love a hamster please lemme kno, she's a adorable cream colored golden (syrian) ham, she's still a "baby", hasn't bitten anyone, so good tempered, AND she'd come with a cage! but yeah, there's pics of them down there... so yeah, Cindy's birthday was the 3rd, we had ice cream cake at her house and yeah, I dabbed a bit of icing on her nose and her cheek, but then her sister Shirley caked her whole face, (she caked my brother on his b-day too), actually Benny got some up her nose, but he ran away and washed his hands before she could see anything, since she was blinded by icing... but I didn't catch a pic of it all cuz my camera was off... it was funny tho...
onto Marine World, the annual Kababayan Fest (a filipino family event) was being held there last, last Sat. the 31st of Aug., and Joremel and his band were playing for it! Along with Lalaine, the girl who plays Miranda on Disney's the Lizzie Mcguire show, Once Voice and Rex Navarrete... also a whole lotta "bay area" talent, it was a pretty cool showcase of singing, dancing and a bunch of other stuff too! There was this one boy, Gabe, who just blew the socks off us when he started singing and strummin his guitar... I have a clip of it on video but gotta figure how to post that up first... but yeah, he sounded like a asian Jason Mraz! lol! Cindy was quite smitten with him and got me to hunt him down with her through the crowd to get his CD, but then she was too smittened to ask to take a pic with him, so I just asked for her, and 'viola' pic is below... Joremel's band did well, he had tons of ppl (mostly kids, but still) run up to grab some free demo CDs from him, he really had the crowd goin... overall, it was a fun day...
On a side note, I'm starting that cute little bag from Rowan yarn designs that I had wanted to work on, the blue one in the pic back on july 30th, I finally gotta chance to check out a yarn shop here in SF, Imagiknit (rite on 18th and Sanchez), it's a really cute shop and yes, again, I spent a lot of time there, but Erica was with me, rushin me to hurry up cuz she wanted to go to Petsmart... so not as long as I'd like, but yeah, I was able to find a substitute for the Rowan Big Wool yarn, it's a yarn from Plymouth yarns, called Encore Mega. I was only able to find a nice blue color almost like that in the pic, but I kinda wanted a pink bag for myself... we'll see how this turns out first tho... =)

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