Okay, Okay

Alrite, so the radiologist thought the Doc. was being a little overtly cautious about the dark area in the x-rays. So yeah, she doesn't think I have pnemonia, but the Doc. said I should go ahead and finish up the anti-biotics... better to be safe than sorry I guess... He did hear something in my lung tho... weird... but when I talked to the Doc. I forgot to ask for my x-rays back! ARGH! That's what I get for being all spacey, even more so while I'm sick =P Bleck! I had all these questions to ask him to, but I spaced out while waiting to speak with him and yeah, completely forgot... DARN! I want my X-rays!!! *sigh* guess I can go ask for them some other time, I feel like I've been at the clinic way too many times, I was just there today to get a note to show my profesors, they'll probably start to know my name! they'll be like, "Oh, it's that girl again, what does she want NOW?" =P oh well, you gotta do watcha gotta do...
anyways, goin home this Fri. so anyone in SF better hope I dun get ya sick! Muhahahahahahaha!!! (the nurse at the clinic wrote me a note that said no class while ill and contagious!) Julie says I should wear a mask, like the ones they wore in China when every was gettin SARS. Heeeell NO I ain't wearin no mask! shoo...

So yeah, who's up for clubbin this Fri. and Sat. nite??? C'mon ppl it's Halloween! Not sure what I'll be yet, but I'll figure it out. Just hit me up if ya wanna go clubbin, 21 and up is a plus, but we could go Fri. if not, lol! Gotta blow off steam ppl! It's been a long ass month! gonna be a good weekend to dance the nite away (drinks optional)!

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