Halloween Weekend

So this Halloween was completely more fun than last Halloween... Went clubbin both Fri. nite and Sat. nite (even tho actual Halloween Day was on Sun.) It was great to go out, party and just blow off some steam, since it's been such a long week, not to mention a long month, just lots of craziness nobody ever needs, but everyone always gets becuz that's life.
but anyways, Fri. nite was alrite, but I don't think I'd go to the Glass Kat again, lol! and I couldn't go home when I wanted to cuz I didn't drive (no Derrick, it's not your fault, but I'm gonna blame you anyways!:p) I went with Derrick and his friends, so his friend Vic drove, but after the party ended they had to meet up with friends at IHOP... yeah.... Anyways, Sat. nite was hella fun! Went with Linda, Mike and Connie, I drove (thank god), but I felt bad that everyone waited in line forever (sorry Linda!), but I think we all had a blast! I can't disclose too much, kinda like wat they say about Vegas *wink wink*... but I'll tell u this, the DNA Lounge is off da hook! ;p

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