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So someone asked me if there were stores that sell just knitting stuff... sillie question, of course there is! well, first off if you want some easy places to find general knitting or crocheting supplies you could try Beverly's or Joann's... but for more specific stuff or a larger selection of yarn there's a a couple of stores I suggest in SF... one is Imagiknit, it's 3897 18th St., right off of Dolores, cross street Sanchez. you can also check out their site here. Another one in sf is Artfibers on 124 Sutter St. just past Kearny, it's a little hard to find cuz it's on the second floor of this building and the place is a bit smaller but has a comfy feel to it, although the yarn is a bit pricier it's still fun to walk around and feel all the different kinda yarns... here's their site.
Those are the only 2 I've been to... you can of course do a search in the yellow pages or something for more stores...
There's like one store I've been to in SC, but if anyone's interested, it's a pretty interesting store. It's called The Golden Fleece and is at 303 Potrero St. in SC, kinda off River St., they have a site too, here.
Also there's a bunch of online stores that are cool too, like the Yarn Market but I think it's always more fun to actually go to a store and play with all the yarn yourself... =P

p.s. Julie told me no one's emailed her yet.... damn it Julie, ur not supposed to tell me that!

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