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I've been kinda at a loss for words lately... so figured i'd just start postin up random pics.. Startin wit this one, cuz I told him i would, hahahahah! This is Benny, Cindy's bf btw, so Cindy was over my house (in sf, like my messy ass room? that's just 1/4 of it) and we were just chattin in my room, Benny came over too, and got bored as us girls were talking... so he decided to amuse himself with watever he could find in my room... and thus, once he was finished "collecting", I had to grab my camera to get a pic, cuz Cindy kept squealin for me to, lol! So, here he is, with my famous kitty hat on, my messager bag, some scarf he found (i dun even think it's mine...) my hot pink studded belt, and huggin the spongebob pillow that erica dumped in my room... Hope this makes someone's nite, I kno it made ours ^_^ Posted by Hello

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