Reality Check

So school's officially begun... again... I've just been off avoiding it... just the whole subject of school can be really depressing... man!
ok ok, so I gotta face reality some time rite?
okie, so 8am class 2moro, yet i'm still up, i kno, me and 8am classes just don't sound rite, but when it's bio classes, u don't really get a choice... but anyways, just thought i'd update for once since it's been awhile, gotta keep wat little audience I have entertained =P
so yeah, it seems to be raining less back in SC... seems to be anyways.. only been back for a day, lol! it's super scary to drive down 17 while it's raining... u should try it some time! hahahaha =P
anyways, i should knock out now, goodnite world!

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