Parade anyone?

So Cindy gotta call from Chung Ngai (our old dance troupe place) and they ask her if she could help wit the Chinese New Year's parade, she agrees, and drags me along wit her... I figured it shouldn't be too bad, we're usually on a float... well we go to the pratice this past Sun. and find, not only are we NOT gonna be on a float.. but we're doin a dance... SERIOUSLY, the things I get myself into! So ladies and gentlemen, if u wanna good laugh, cuz apparently David thinks the dance is hilarious, check out the parade this coming Sat. the 19th, it starts at 5:30pm i think, we'll be about the first performance, something about monkey's fighting chickens... yeah... look in the background for some girls in pink costumes dancing around wit a fan and a handkerchief...

On another note, Carbon's throwin a party that same night, so if you're goin down to see the parade, stay around and party at Sake Lab afterwards! Go Here and sign up for the guestlist!

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