Spring Break...

this year's spring break is probably one of the shortest we've had in ages... it's already half way over and I haven't done much of anything productive.... so much for spewing out a few projects before I get back to school... speaking of which, graduation stuff came in the mail yesterday and jeeeebus are things expensive! So our grad for Oakes is gonna be on Sat. June 11th at 6pm, yes i kno, late but Oakes graduation has the nicest view of the sunset =P I just wish I would be done when i walk... but looks like i'll have to take summer school b4 i'm done... *sigh* i'm such a slacker, i kno, but i try tho, i really do... just ask David... well, maybe not, he'd just tell u how lazy i am, lol! =P but yeah, not much going on these days, yet this break seems to fly rite by... oh! took Erica and her friend Emily to watch Robots yesterday, it's pretty funny! Robin Williams' still got it!
okie dokie, until next time cuz i'm gettin hungry =P

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