No, I'm not talkin about that britney movie. i'm talkin about the metaphor. Even though you'd like to think that you could go down a path forever, even if it gets bumpy now and then, sooner or later you'll hit a crossroad, and that fork in the road signifies your time to choose. What the roads appear to lead to can be deceiving, so yes, you have no idea what lies ahead in either direction, even if you have a feeling of whether you would be more or less content with going down one over the other. Many have suggested one way, and even though it would make things easier, it doesn't feel rite... but it has gotten dark and cold... and you've grown weary, so weary that you start to doubt you can go on with such conditions, and you can't stand there forever... the easier path starts to look like the best option, but you kno once you choose you can't go back... you start to feel helpless, there isn't much else you can do... you cry out for guidiance but all there is to say has already been said... no one else can make this decision for you... so all you can do is collect yourself and hope/wish/pray that you choose the rite path... to be continued...

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