to be thankful

With all the commotion about food and feasting like there's no tomorrow, it's easy to forget what you had learned as a kid, what thanksgiving is actually for, why we spend it with our families and friends... and as I think back to grade school, making turkey cut-outs from the outlines of our hands, imagining the cornicopia of food that might have been on the table of the pilgrims and native americans and drawing them out, then the assignment where we write a few sentences about what we are thankful for... most kids say they are thankful for their family, or for the food, and I even remember one kid saying he was thankful for having a newborn baby brother...
This year, I am thankful for those who have been there for me when times were rough, those who listened to me b*!ch, cry, and complain, thank you for listening, i wouldn't have made it through the nite otherwise... and especially to my girls, I heart you all =P Have a great thanksgiving everyone, try not to knock out rite away *wink wink*

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