Garage Sale anyone?

Alrite, I just moved all my crap back home this past Thursday nite.... when I had already moved some stuff back the day before... yet still, I couldn't fit what was left in my car. I had to leave some items at Rachel's house to be picked up again on Sat. after her graduation with Oakes. Suffice to say, I have A LOT of crap...
Now, it's all over my room back here in the city... I need a Garage Sale!
You know, you never really realize just how much crap you have until u live in an apartment with just one other person for a year and then try to move out completely. I have seriously learned my lesson... I am NOT buying anything else until I get this mess organized, put away or gotten rid off. This certainly puts my spending habits in check.
On another note, after going to Oakes' graduation on Sat., when I stayed up late the nite before trying to make gifts for all the grads, then going out with Naomi (& Shawn), Kat and Julie bar hopping and dancing, I was completely exhausted. Especially since I had to drive back to the city after it all. I was so tired that I didn't wake up til about noon the next day, Sun. and I was planning on going to the Fiesta Filipina which started at 10am, to see HiFly perform (as it had said on their website). But I wouldn't wake up, and neither would Julie (she crashed at my place), and we didn't leave til like 1:30pm. After grabbing some groceries, Julie dropped off Samuel, Erica and me to Civic Center, where it was being held.
I kinda half rushed over there, thinking I probably missed them play already. After paying (6 bucks) to get in, I wander over to the stage area to see what's going on, with siblings trailing behind. After looking aimlessly around, I bump into one of the band members, and as my brother asks if they've played, we find out that they played yesterday... just my luck, the day I couldn't go was the day they performed. I wish they had been more specific about the date on their website.... but yeah, I would've missed it anyway....
So about this Garage Sale, if anyone is interested in bringing their stuff to sell with mine and maybe Cindy's (since I'm probably gonna use her front of the house for it), please drop me a line, in the tag board or by email. It'll most likely be on a weekend since I only work during the weekdays. This is your chance to get rid of any junk that you don't need anymore but that someone else might want! One person's junk is another person's treasure. C'mon people, u get to keep all the profit u make from selling your stuff!

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