Time to face it.....

As of 9:25am today I have ended my job with Environment California and began the long avoided confrontation with reality. As I look into its envitable face, I am terrified. Having not passed two classes this past quarter, the review for disqualification of my enrollment is in process. Alas, reality's true face has finally pushed through the fabricated facade my own over-optimism had created. Realizing now that everything is not okay and that I need more help than I could ever imagine, I wander about lost with no guiding light towards the next step. Having written to the academic preceptor and the professors in plead of answers or any hope, I await the news of my pending doom. I have hit a large, seperated fork in the road of life and which ever path I take will decide a life completely different from the other. The most frightening thing of all, having lost all hope and not one bright star to light my way, I'll be walking down the road blind...

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