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So I'm gonna take the bio road... don't ask me if it's the rite one, I'm just going my instinct... anyways, it's way too late to really quit now... I've only got one more year!
But yeah, this means going back to SC for summer school... gotta take that damn genetics over again... the 7-week summer session starts Mon. 6/21, but since I didn't plan on this before, I'll probably be driving back home after class that Monday until I figure out where I'm staying down there... or crash at a friend's place, which I'll probably end up doing for the first couple of weeks till I figure out a better solution...
On a brighter note, I'm going to the HOOBASTANK CONCERT! July 26!!! It's gonna be awesome! but I kinda got ahead of myself (a little too excited) and bought 2 tickets... when I only knew I was going... so... who wants to go to a Hoobastank concert with me in SC?! OH! maybe I'll have like a contest or sumthing....
Now officially taking entries to win a trip** to the Hoobastank concert with the lovely Sophia on Mon. July 26th, 6:30pm at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium... please enter via the tag board*, with a short but concise reason as to why you would be the best person to go to the concert with! A decision will be made by or on Mon. July 12th, 12:00am...
*one entry per person please!
** trip includes transportation to and from concert plus ticket, but accommodations (food, somewhere to stay for the night, etc.) may not be included, as to the "judge's" discretion...

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