oh, it's on...

So the academic advising commitee has decided to approve my pre-appeal and waive my disqualification for fall... on the condition that I pass all classes in fall and meet with the academic preceptor every 3 weeks, the college preceptor once, an EOP adviser, and attend at least one academic success workshop... oh yeah, and get a tutor for my classes... boy, hope I remember to do all that... but yeah, they're also urging me to take a quarter off to get myself straightened out... but I don't think I have any time left to do that... no time, no money... wat would I do if I wasn't in school anyways... so yeah, it's on for fall...
On another note, I've gotten myself a pretty, shiny, new digi cam! as you've probably noticed from the very clear pics from a post earlier... now I can take pics of everything! yay! oh yeah, if anyone wants a copy of a pic from the sac town trip, let me know! tag me or email or aim...

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