Trip to Sac Town

So the 'rents decided to take a trip all the way to Sac Town just to go to the Waterworld there, apparently it's cheaper there than Concord... anyways, we woke up pretty early to head out (around 7:30 or 8 am I couldn't remember), but yeah, we ended up being an hour late to meet up with the other families which were going too... so really it's not "filipino time" when ppl show up at least an hour later than they should, it's just "asian time" in general, cuz it always happens to us... but yeah, the drive wasn't very long at all and when we got there, the heat hit... big time! god, how could anybody inhabit such a place! A normal human could not possible function correctly in such high temperatures! so yeah, we went swimming in the "wavepool" for a bit, went down a pretty high slide thingie on a 2 person livesaver (I went on it with Cindy) and then alternated between tanning and taking a dip in the regular pool for the last hour or so... it was a pretty mellow day at a water park... or maybe I'm getting a little old for water parks... they had this huge water slide thingie called the "Cliffhanger" which looks like a regular water slide that u just sit down and slide on, except it's like 50 ft. high... maybe a younger me would've been anxious to slide down that big boy, but today... I wasn't so enthusiastic... just felt like tanning...
I think I gotta pretty alright tan, but I think I'll have to keep tanning this summer if I wanna catch up wit Julie since she's gotta head start being in Hawaii and all...

Here's Cindy looking out the window of our van as we're heading to Sac Town's Waterworld... actually I don't think she was really lookin at that car... who knows what she was really lookin at...  Posted by Hello

So there's Cindy and me, just tanning... and that latter one I just had to post, cuz Cindy's sisters got pretty bored after dinner (we ate out at her dad's work), and they decided to grab ppl unexpectedly and snap a photo of them as quickly as possible, first Jackie and Shirley practiced with each other for a bit, then Jackie told Cindy about it so she said, "let's do it" and Jackie told everyone, "Ok, act normal, pretend your eating," so Cindy started getting into it, pretending to get something from the table and BAM! Jackie grabs her by the neck and SNAP! she shot a pic! I had been prepared I soon as I saw them scheming and quickly snapped a pic of the action... and here it is... you gotta love the look on Cindy's face... just priceless... Posted by Hello

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