Summer fitness

so I finally started going to the gym today (UCSC has gym open to summer students), and ran on the treadmill for a total of 45 mins... pretty proud of myself, considering I haven't been to the gym since... since... um... anyways, yeah, after running I did some rowing on the seated rowing machine thingie to work out those arms, then gotta mat and did some stretches and then some crunches... I only did like 20 or 30 crunches and already my abs were refusing anymore, so yeah... gotta work on those abs... anyone kno of a good ab workout? I'm gonna try to go swimming and to the gym every Mon., Weds., and Thurs. before my class... hopefully by the end of summer classes I'll be in better shape, lower resting heart rate and nice(strong)flat abs... oh and maybe stronger arm muscles... that's my summer fitness goal! =P

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