Time of death: 1:30am.....

So Onyx and Goldie didn't survive the nite.... cause of death: unknown.... I guess I was just so anxious to get them back into their home after they had been stuck in the jar for so long, that I didn't think of letting the tank run for a bit first and then putting them in a baggie and floating them in the tank for awhile, I mean it was their home for the past year practically... *sigh* I guess they just weren't used to San Francisco water.... man! I had them the whole time I was in SC, and they were fine, completely happy in their tank, then I bring them home in a different container, then put them back in their tank and bam! they die... guess they preferred the jar better.... damn it! I spent half of my day just setting their tank back up yesterday! and then I lose them that nite! just my luck... they had been growing too, both of them grew like an inch.... and earlier that nite Erica was just saying how they were such pretty goldfish...



June 23, 2004: Onyx and Goldie died of unknown causes at 1:30 in the morning. Onyx, a black moore in his prime, was only about 10 months old. Having resided most of his life in Santa Cruz, CA. at the UC Santa Cruz campus, he enjoyed his home with the two college girls roaming about outside.
Goldie, a fantail who was also about 10 months old, was Onyx's partner in their Santa Cruz home. He also enjoyed his time there, even though sometimes it was a little warm. Although the couple had squabbles now and then, at the end they always got along.
May they be in peace where ever their spirits have found a new home.

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